Bar-Headed Goose

17 Jun

So I went to Farlington Marshes again. I seen all these starlings and I said to my cousin (who was with me) that they shouldn’t call it Farlington Marshes, they should call it Starlington Marshes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I really laughed. He didn’t so much. But he is from New Zealand so he doesn’t count.

I also seen a bar-headed goose. He was with a load of canada geese. Seemed happy enough. I’ve had to add him to the list for special so I can cross him off because he is supposed to be in Asia. Not sure why he was there.

And I seen a stock dove. They look like feral pigeons don’t they. Well they aren’t and if you say they are you are just embarrassing yourself.

And I seen a male kestrel looking pretty cool yeah.

And I seen a lapwing or also called a peewit. I got a picture which is very slightly a little bit better than the previous last picture I got of a lapwing.

Then I seen a few oystercatchers. They were moving and difficult to do a photo of.

And also I seen a really rubbish swan. I called him names and he didn’t even break my arm or nothing.


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