Probably A Goldcrest

24 Jun

I went up Stansted House today. There’s a garden centre, a manor house and a steam railway. Awful really. But I suppose if you like that sort of thing it would do for you. But it is awful. £16.99 for a bat box. £10 to go in the maze. Really awful.

Anyway, I seen what I reckon is a goldcrest up there. But I can’t cross it off the list because I ain’t sure and it’s a rubbish photo and you can’t even see the goldcrest’s gold crest (which gives a goldcrest its gold-crest name).

Got a nice picture of this chaffinch though. He was looking at the people drinking over-priced tea.

Then I seen another female kestrel.

And this, which is either a helicopter or a bird.

I’ll not lie to you; I don’t recommend Stansted. A bag of pork scratchings was £1.99.

One Response to “Probably A Goldcrest”

  1. Shackleford Hurtmore June 24, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    1.99 sounds like a bargain. They cost $2.99 here and are locally made by people who don’t know how to make pork scratchings properly because they are not English and are therefore imcompetent. You have to roast your own pig if you want the job done properly.

    Stansted is awful, though. 10 quid for a maze?

    Also, I think it’s a helicopter. You can tell from the registration number on it’s tail boom.

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