Pied Wagtail

30 Jun

Today I gone to Longleat. It is a safari park run by some bloke with a beard and a big house. I seen a pied wagtail in the carpark. Pied wagtails are a subspecies of white wagtails. I could’ve done “wagtail, white” off the list, but instead I decided to add “wagtail, pied” and cross that off. I’ll reserve “wagtail, white” for the genetically pure white wagtail which is more common in the rest of Europe.

And I seen this little brown job that is probably just a sparrow but it don’t look quite right for a sparrow to me but I can’t make out what it is so I’m going to say it is a sparrow.

Other than that I seen a few boring things. Like this mallard.

And I seen a dunnock again.

And this greenfinch that had a right attitude. I was all “You want some?” and he was all *flies off* and I was all smug.

Also a ostrich and some sort of bloody awful parrot thing. They ain’t even on the list though cos they ain’t even real birds.


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