Barnacle Geese

18 Jul

Gone to Baffin’s Pond this morning and seen this barnacle geese. It’s defo a goose because the bloke doing our garage roof said so.

Also a heron was there so I seen him.

And I seen this cormorant doing that thing with the wings out.

And a whole family of swans and a washing up bowl.

Then I went along a bit to Great Salterns. Great Salterns is a rare patch of green on Portsea Island. As such people come from miles around to cover it in dog faeces. I don’t have a dog of my own, so I stopped off at the stray dog kennels to get some to take with me.

I tried photographing the swallows there, but, as ever, the swallows wouldn’t stay still no matter how much I shouted at them.


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