Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

27 Jul

Look, I been up Blashford Lakes most of the day and we’ve got a fair bit to go through, so if it’s okay with you, I’ll just try and chug through it all. I mean, I don’t enjoy this anymore than you do and if we don’t crack on we could be here all night.

Right so I seen this splendidly male lesser spotted woodpecker.

So and I seen these nuthatches.

I seen pheasant and all.

And a coal tit.

And I seen a few blue tits. This decent one.

And also this mutant no head feather mutant blue tit. Like all ugly things it will die in the Autumn.

I seen this great crested grebe with its babies on its back and another great crested grebe was catching fish and feeding the babies. I can’t tell which is the male and which is the female. I reckon the male is the one hunting for fish. That’s what I’d do in his situation.

I seen this female chaffinch.

And I seen these proper chaffinches.

I seen an collared dove.

I seen a female tufted duck and some baby tufted ducks and then the female tufted duck and the baby tufted ducks together.

And a black headed gull with a young black headed gull.

And I seen a load of common terns doing catching a fishes.

And I seen great tit, coot, goldfinch, greenfinch, mute swan and robin which are all unremarkable and that.

Then I seen a few I weren’t sure about like this thing next to a blur.

And these probably-a-blackbirds.

Then I seen a thing in a reed bed what I don’t know at all.

And also I seen a spider which is not a bird.

On the way home I been to Testwood Lakes quick to see what it is like and I seen geese and gulls.

I seen a heron and a crow.

I seen a cormorant.

And I seen a load of sand martins.

I reckon I’ll go there another time again too.

So, yeah.


2 Responses to “Lesser Spotted Woodpecker”

  1. alfonso bongo July 27, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    holy lord jesus mother of god

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