Far Away Buzzard

10 Aug

To make up for a disappointing day in Selborne, I went to Farlington Marshes for a bit. Didn’t seen anything exciting there neither. There were a lot of gulls. Including this black headed gull.

And this herring gull what told me your mum is a strumpet. Yeah. You. Your mum is a strumpet and all the gulls know it.

Other things I seen included a buzzard who chose to be far away. On a fence post. Just before I taken this picture a gull was beating him up.

I seen another little egret. Starting to despise them.

I seen some poxy female mallards doing flying.

I seen a mute swan. I bet you reckon that leg on his back is cos it is broken or something. Well it ain’t. Swans do that to rest them.

And I seen this pair of goldfinches staring wistfully into the distance. The male probably thinks the female loves him.

He’s headed for a fall later. Poor bastard.

I’ll not lie. My heart ain’t in this tonight. Soz.

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