31 Aug

This afternoon I decided to go to Farlington Marshes. When I was there a thing that I seen was a greenshank that I seen.

Shank means the lower part of a leg. As you can see the lower part of a greenshank’s leg is green. This is why it is called a greenshank. The upper part of a greenshank’s leg is also green. I do not know why this is not creditted in the bird’s title. Perhaps “Greenshankandthigh” is too long. Dunno. Let’s not get bogged down in this though. The main thing is I seen one and I took some photos and you can see it has a green shank.

I also seen quite a few wheatears. Only one was male. Wheatears often nest in rabbit burrows. As you can see my blog is very informative today.

I also seen this buzzard I reckon it might be a honey buzzard but because it had its back to me and was faraway I cannot be sure for certain.

And also aswell I seen a boring old goldfinch. My mate reckons goldfinches are tropical. My mate is thick.

And a bar-tailed godwit. I seen.

Then I seen this cormorant being all like “LOL I am Jesus and I is all crucified.”

And finally I done a digiscoped of a curlew I seen. Still not very good at it but I reckon I am getting betters.

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