9 Sep

So this morning I woke up early so this morning I went to Farlington Marshes for an hour.

I seen what I reckon was a whimbrel and also a curlew as well.

This is the whimbrel probably:

This is the probably curlew:

Also I seen this robin he was doing a singing Christmas carol.

This oystercatcher was all angry with him because it is only September.

Which upset this little egret who was skipping about like a big jessie.

While the black-tailed godwits weren’t really all that bovvered.

Most of that was lies. Soz. Got bored. Robins don’t even know Christmas carols.

They only know Hanukkah songs.



One Response to “Whimbrel”

  1. Jose Alves September 16, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    Hi there,
    One of the godwits you’ve photographed has colour-rings.
    If you managed to read this combination of rings that would be most valuable for our research on this species.
    Please do email me at j.alves@uea.ac.uk
    Many thanks!

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