Bird Staring

26 Sep

Okay right so before we get started, I gone up Farlington Marshes in a brief spell between rainings. I didn’t seen a lot. I seen this grey heron doing a flying about the place.

And I seen this duck which I can’t identify with any confidence. It is probably just a mallard or something but I ain’t sure so I think you should help me ta.

But the main thing I wanted to say about was that you might have noticed how I am getting a bit disheartened with bird watching lately. Well I’ve fixed that by cranking bird watching up to the next level. It’s obvious really; BIRD STARING.

I started off light with this mallard I seen.

Then I stared at it. I was all like this:

I managed one minute, ten seconds and sixty-one hundredths of a second. Here is the proof.

And I only stopped because he got all self-conscious and hid in these reeds.

Pretty awesome stuff, yeah?

So anyway, my enthusiasm for birds is renewed and tonight I’ll probably even start writing the prize for the competition I posted a week or so ago.


3 Responses to “Bird Staring”

  1. M o D September 27, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    I like the staring idea. I’m going to see if I can stare out the Doves nesting outside the window.


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