Brent Geese

28 Sep

I just spent three hours at Farlington Marshes. I seen some Brent Geese all far away.

And I seen some shovelers all far away and all.

Another geese I seen is Canada Geese. They are called Canada Geese because they are geese and they are loud, stupid and obnoxious like everything from North America. They were going to call them USA Geese because the USAmericans are the loudest, stupidest, obnoxiousest North Americans but they are so self-absorbed that they would have taken it as a compliment. “Oh Gee! We’re so AWESOME they done named an Geese after us”. Like that. Say what you like about Canadians, but at least they know when ornithologists are having a pop at them.

Other things I seen were wheatear, grey heron, little egret, carrion crow and wood pigeon.


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