Green Woodpecker

1 Oct

This morning I gone to Royal Victoria Country Park. I was driving about not parking because it costs too much to park and I seen this green woodpecker.

And also then I seen this oystercatcher too.

Then I popped into Sophies Pond on the way out. I dunno who Sophie is but, typical woman, her pond is dreadful. There was a nutter feeding the ducks bread who tried to talk to me politely and the birds I seen were mediocre at best. All I seen was mute swans, wood pigeons and mallards.

Then I dun a drive to Weston where I seen a really manky feral pigeon. I spent an hour taunting it about having a foot missing. He was ARMLESS enough though. No. Hang on, wait. I mean the other one; he didn’t have a LEG to stand on. Ha ha ha! I am very amusing. Really though. An hour. It didn’t answer back once.


One Response to “Green Woodpecker”

  1. JOBBY JOBSWORTH FROM JOBSTOWN October 1, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

    These photos are very nice.

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