Is This A Ringed Plover?

5 Oct

So, today, I spent most of the day at Titchfield Haven. It cost me three pound ninety to get in but it was well worth it because no one spoke to me the whole day.

Anyway I seen loads of stuff. One thing I seen I think might be a ringed plover but I am not sure. More birds should have their species name tattooed on their stupid beaks. But they don’t. So could you help and let me know if you think this is a ringed plover. Surely it should have lost its summer plumage by now if it is. I dunno. No beak tattoo.

I got some photos of this stonechat I seen too. But it was far away so it was difficult to photo.

I was pleased to get a full set of teal that I seen; dowdy female, exciting male and potential-filled juvenile.

And there were loads of turnstones to seen. They were on the shore. They weren’t turning stones though. Just nudging them. It’s broken Britain.

that green string ain't coming out his bum it is in the background. soz.

Other things I seen were brent geese, canada geese, what I think is a curlew, a herring gull and great black-backed gull living together in sickening harmony, a jay, a manly kestrel and what I think are redshanks.

Also I seen a thing that it turns out ain’t a real bird.


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