Stupid Buzzard

1 Nov

So I gone to McDonalds for lunch and between shoving handfuls of fatty muck into my wobbling sweaty multi-chinned face, I stuck some food on the sunroof and took photos of the gulls I seen eating it. I seen lots of gulls. None of them were interesting. Which complimented the food.

Then I went to a place called Brook Meadow which is in Emsworth and straight away I seen a grey wagtail but it done all flying away so I didn’t get a photo.

I did get a rubbish photo of this buzzard I seen though.

It insisted on being the wrong side of all them branches. Because it was stupid.

To prove it was stupid I seen it go crying off because some crows called it a pansy.

If I was a buzzard, I’d have used my special kill-beak to make them crows sorry that they never danced with me at the school disco and always laughed at me in the playground when they walked past.

Oh, and also I seen this. It looked a bit too big to be a blackbird but it probably is a blackbird anyway.


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