Mandarin Duck

3 Nov

Today I was all busy and I gone to Fernyhurst Lake. There is a mandarin duck there at the moment and I seen it. It was interesting to hear the mandarin for “quack”.

Also I seen a kingfisher. The photo ain’t so good because he was all flew away to the other side of the water. (Still crossing it off the list though. Gutted.)

At first I thought this was a bit special because you don’t easily seen much kingfishers. But later in the day I was at Keydale Nurseries and they had loads.

They also had a black swan I seen. Which don’t count for nothing.

Another thing I seen today, up Portsdown Hill, is a load of leucistic carrion crows. Yeah, that’s right. I used a long word. And I didn’t even have to look it up here to know it. Because I am better than you. Basically, right, you get one crow who has a shock like seening a ghost of a dinosaur and his pigments fall off and he has white patches and the other crows catch it off him. And eventually they all have to be destroyed by the ravens, who are basically a corvid version of the SS, to retain “racial purity”. I mean, sure, corvids are intelligent, but, morally, they are pretty backwards.

Someone should have a word.
I also seen a honey buzzard over the M27 and a goldcrest by Fernyhurst Lake. But I didn’t get photos of them so they don’t count for nothing neither.


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