FUNGUS! I win!

7 Nov

Today I gone to Brook Meadow and Slipper Mill Pond. I played “Fungus!”. “Fungus!” is a game I invented to play when I am birdwatching because birdwatching is very boring.

What you do is, when you seen a fungus you point at the fungus and you say “FUNGUS! I win!” This works better if you are with other people. If you are with other people it is important never to tell them you are playing “Fungus!” beforehand or they might beat you. If, like me, you are not with other people, just wait for someone to walk by and when they are in earshot, point at the fungus and say “FUNGUS! I win!”

Here is one fungus I seen. I pointed at it and said “FUNGUS! I win!”

I also seen this great spotted woodpecker.

Then I seen this very out-of-focus blue tit. Blue tits go out of focus like this as a defence mechanism when there are all predators and that.

Other things I seen is this cormorant.

And I seen this redshank and greenshank getting on all lovely. I tried to get them to fight each other. They weren’t having none of it.

Also, by the way, FUNGUS! I win!

HA! I beat you! You are a total loser! Gutted!


One Response to “FUNGUS! I win!”

  1. Alfonso Bongo November 11, 2012 at 12:05 am #

    This is a fucking good blog. You can quote me on that.

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