9 Nov

I gone to Farlington Marshes today hoping to seen the red-breasted goose they reckon they got there. I didn’t seen it. I don’t reckon there’s one there at all. I reckon someone seen a robin and done a confused.

I did seen loads of grey plovers though.

(edit: I’ve had to do a rethink of these seenings. I think the forst picture is of knots I seen and only the second one is of a grey plover I seen.)

And also I seen this ringed plover.

I also seen some other people. They did talking at me. I wish they wouldn’t. If I wanted friends, I wouldn’t do birdwatching.

And also I seen lots of other birds I can’t be bothered to talk about. Soz.


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  1. Pintail « baldmonkeyseenabird - November 17, 2012

    […] also I have had to revisit the grey plovers I seen the other day, cos I think some of them was knots. I seen the what-I-think-are-knots again […]

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