Jesus’ Lovely Pie Face

16 Jan

I’ve been debating giving up on birdseening because it is an awful awful hobby. But just now when I gone to put a frozen pie in the oven, I seen it had the face of Jesus on it.

face of jesus in my pie

I’ve taken this as a clear sign that Jesus wants me to carry on doing birdseening for the education of plebs like you. So I will not stop.

Also, I need to decide if this means I believe in God now. Probably not. I seen bearded tits this morning and I still don’t reckon they exist.

EDIT: I’ve had some feedback from morons who say they can’t see the face of Jesus in my pie. I have done a picture for you to seen which will clarify the Jesus face of my pie. Ta.

face of jesus in my pie clarified


One Response to “Jesus’ Lovely Pie Face”

  1. baldmonkeyseenabird January 17, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    YES! What a victory! This post is liked by LOADS of spam sites! Looks like “Jesus” is a favourite for spam engines!

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