Interminably Prosaic Mundanity

22 Mar

I just been up Eastleigh Lakeside Country Park. I seen nothing interesting. So here are some facts about the things I did seen to make up for it.


Robins have eight tongues. The word “robin” comes from the Māori for “evil one with spidery beak implements”.


Redwing’s were the only British bird to openly support the fascists during World War Two.

mute swan

Mute swan’s cannot swim. Instead they have hydraulic legs which they extend to the correct length to enable them to walk about just above the water line.


Mallard’s glow in the dark in order to confuse enemy airplanes.

magpie and woodpigeon

Magpies and woodpigeons often crossbreed with each other, producing pigeon-pies.

greylag goose

Greylag gooses are so buoyant they actually float just above the water.


Jackdaw cannot smell, which is why you cannot buy jackdaw antiperspirants.

great crested grebe

Great crested grebe’s are petrified of fish.


Goldfinches were originally called “golfinches” because they are exactly the same length as the inches used in golf.

fuzzy brownington

This is a fuzzy brownington. All fuzzy browningtons are called Gregory and are thoroughly contemptible.


Coots are the hardest substance known to man and can be used to cut glass.

canada goose

Canada gooses have appalling trousers which is why they never wear them.

black-headed gull

Black-headed gulls have no word for “saucepan”.


Blackbirds invented trees.


2 Responses to “Interminably Prosaic Mundanity”

  1. Early worm birder March 22, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    Well I never new Robins had 8 tongues! Just thought you might like to know that there is a Siskin in with the Goldfinch. And that fuzzy is a Chiffchaff 🙂

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