Turtle Dove

15 Jun

So I gone to my secret site to seen if I could seen the little owls. I did seen them.

Little owl

Little owl

But I also seen a turtle dove.

Turtle dove

Turtle dove

Here is turtle dove knowledge for you to know:

The original version of the popular cartoon series was called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Doves. It featured four turtle doves named after the best artists of modern times: Hart, Buchanan, Maker and Speight. The plot called for them to use martial arts to defeat improbable criminals. However, in the first scene, the four heroes merely pecked at the eyes of a man accused of tax-evasion (incorrectly) before migrating to Africa. It was at this point the dove aspect was dropped and the antics of the highly merchandised water-tortoises became an intricate part of all our lives, religions and planning applications.

Perhaps if turtle doves were better at kung fu, they wouldn’t be about to go extinct in the UK. Stupid chi-less pigeons.

Also, I seen a red-legged partridge.

Red-legged partridge

Red-legged partridge


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