River Anton, Andover

26 Jul

This post has be late. This post has be things of yesterday. Yesterday I has be at River Anton where is does a go through Andover.

It’s a surprisingly sterile river, given the lovely trees and wild plants growing alongside it. Very little wildlife at all. As if all the animals seen Andover and thought “Oh dear” and kept going.

All I seen was two thing. One I didn’t recognise at first. It was some sort of underwater bird. I looked it up on an internet and apparently a underwater bird is a penguin.



The other thing I seen I am not sure about. It is either a Evil Satanic Demon Owl or a feral pigeon. It’s difficult to tell because it is not a very detailed photo that my camera drewed.

Evil Satanic Demon Owl

Evil Satanic Demon Owl


One Response to “River Anton, Andover”

  1. JOBBY JOBSWORTH FROM JOBSTOWN August 5, 2013 at 8:49 pm #

    it seems you got a new camera at some point. that is well cool tell me about it.

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