25 May

Yesterday I gone up West Dean to seen the little owl. I did not seen the little owl I seen a some of yellowhammers.

I am still getting used to my new lens which is all manual and that and so the pictures I done of the yellowhammer ain’t great.


But that’s okay because I used image manipulations to make the pictures very better.

Yellowhammer (subtley manipulated)

I like yellowhammers.

It is impossible to know if yellowhammers like butter because their chins are already yellow before you apply the buttercup.

Yellowhammers were first contrived at Michael Jackson’s 51st Annual Eyelid Gala.

Yellowhammers are named after the yellow ham they produce for “ethical” reasons.

If you got a yellowhammer to mate with Michael Ball you’d get a yellow-mike.

The yellowhammer song used to be “a little bit of bread with no cheese”. Nowadays all yellowhammers are ponces and sing “a sodium and gluten free petit pain with hand made low fat chilli-and-chocolate-Emmental and a side of kale and extra virgin olive oil residue dressing”.

I mean a ball-hammer.

Also this starling, my garden, just now.



2 Responses to “Yellowhammer”

  1. Geoff May 26, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Your image manipulations aren’t very good, I think you need to go to specsavers.

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